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This course is going to help you reach your dreams !

Let me help you find what you do best and craft a way for you to get 1000's of placements and find your true success.

Proven strategies you will learn

  • What to sign and what NOT to sign in a contract

  • Sit in the studio room as I go from the very beginning of a track / right to the end. 
  • How to appear professional and not come across as an amateur when talking to Publishers and Industry reps

  • Finding your lane, that will lead to a successful full time career

  • Interviews with Publishers and other successful Artists and Composers 

  • Everything you need to know to fast track your music career 
  • My proven strategy that has gotten me 1000's of placements including over 100 different shows and also with National brands such as Honda, Subway, AAA and many more

  • 6 months course with lesson modules, listening sessions, projects, briefs, interviews, LIVE STUDIO SESSIONS and more to be announced

  • Possibility of Collaborations with me and music being repped and pitched 

  • Opportunities to submit music to Publishers 
  • Walk through different contracts and learn what NOT to sign and why
  • Get the chance to be signed by my Publishing Company

Katherine N

I love working with Steve! As a producer, he helped me bring to life a special song inspired by my daughter.

As my teacher, he is fun, encouraging & so generous with his music knowledge.

I appreciate how he works with me to balance my artistry, while also introducing me to modern & sync friendly approaches.

He also helped me connect with some music libraries that now represent my songs.

I look forward to lots of musical fun in the future!

Marina B

Steve Collom is an incredible teacher— I love watching him live stream his writing process of finding melodies and following them with his lyrical, instrumental, and rhythmic instincts to build out a track. His freeness in his craft gave me permission to do the same and get out of my head. He has a way of bringing so much joy into the process of music creation and knowing how to weave the right sounds to really make a song shine. Above all else I love how he talks about his gratitude for getting to wake up and do what he loves every day, and it reminds me how lucky I am to make music.

Jess R

I met Steve at the very beginning of my journey.

When I had very beginner questions, he gave practical tips and the encouragement I needed.

As I learned more and more, his advice grew with me, ranging from production instructions to advice on publishing deals.

Possibly the most valuable guidance, though, has been the consistent belief in my music and my ability to find success, fulfillment and purpose in my music.

Thanks Steve

Berkeley Costs $40,000  

- This is without all the other expenses 

- Curriculum is rigid and harder to change with the industry 

- You don't get current working industry information 

- 90% of the education comes from text books that are out of date

- Most Professors don't "Practice what they Preach"

- When completed you then have to find your own jobs in order to start building your career  

My price is under $1000  

- Current information that has gained me over 10000's of paid placements 

- Learn what you need to actively start working towards your dreams

- What I teach I am actively doing every day 

- Access to private student only groups 

- When you finish the course you will know everything you need to start working and building your career, Nothing else is needed

What other topics and benefits will you get?

  • The best practices when collaborating with people
  • How to correctly send files to collaborators 
  • How to become the go to collaborator 
  • What the most common stems and alt versions of song requested 
  • What lyrics themes are mostly used 
  • The Pro's and Con's of Christmas and holidays music 
  • How to get more placements with just one song using alt versions 
  • How to protect your rights and not sign just any contract
  • Legendary strategy to get more songs to Publishers
  • How to build a lasting income that is not affected by Covid or any other downturn in the market
  • How to work at home and set your own hours
  • How to live the dream and never retire
  • I’ll share how much money different placements got me on my BMI statement
  • Learn what modern sounds are and what the current plugins are
  • Get the chance to collaborate with me
  • Real projects that will go directly to Publishers for possible signing and placement into shows
  • My Strategy for easiest and fastest way to get placements
  • Learn how to keep making your music more modern
  • Setting up a successful Mindset and focus
  • Secret niches to get into big libraries and Publishers
  • Access to a Private Facebook group
  • Meet and collaborate with like minded people
  • How to build a quality and quantity catalog
  • How to travel the world while getting paid to build your dream
  • Starting your career with a "V"
  • Legendary Networking strategies so you can become the most sought after person to work with
  • How to decide on different Publisher contracts